Proposed Initiatives to the Legislature - 2024

These proposed initiatives have been filed in 2024 to be submitted to the 2025 Legislature.

The following is a list of proposed Initiatives to the Legislature filed to date with the Office of the Secretary of State.


Initiative numbers are not assigned until the proposal has been reviewed by the state Code Reviser and the sponsor has submitted the final language of the proposed initiative. The content of initiatives is described as general "subject matter" pending the issuance of an official ballot title and summary by the state Attorney General.

To be certified, petitions must:

  • contain the signatures of at least 324,516 registered voters.
  • be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on December 31, 2024.
  • It is recommended that sponsors submit at least 405,000 signatures to allow for invalid signatures.

Questions regarding the content of initiatives should be directed to the sponsor(s).

Submitted Signature Statistics

Filed Assigned Number Primary Sponsor Initiative Subject
4/23/2024 2:05 PMIL25-932Ashli TagoaiEnergy Diversity
4/23/2024 2:02 PMIL25-889Ashli TagoaiSave Our Stoves
6/21/2024 4:39 PMIL25-846Kyle LucasRent Is Too Damn High
4/23/2024 1:47 PMIL25-834Ashli TagoaiEnergy Freedom
6/25/2024 8:54 AMIL25-694Jeff Merryman Volunteer firefighter/EMT property tax relief
3/13/2024 3:43 PMIL25-538Tim EymanTaxpayer Protection Act
4/23/2024 2:08 PMIL25-260Ashli TagoaiProtect Energy Options
4/23/2024 1:43 PMIL25-206Ashli TagoaiEnergy Options
4/23/2024 2:14 PMIL25-192Ashli TagoaiProtect Energy Choice
4/23/2024 1:56 PMIL25-181Ashli TagoaiEnergy Choice
3/15/2024 8:20 AMIL25-135Tim EymanLower Property Taxes Initiative
4/23/2024 2:10 PMIL25-079Ashli TagoaiPreserve Energy Choice
3/14/2024 8:29 AMNot Yet AssignedLarry JensenLower Heating Bills 1
4/12/2024 8:46 AMNot Yet AssignedLarry JensenLower Heating Bills 2
5/22/2024 8:18 AMNot Yet AssignedJeff Merryman Volunteer firefighter/EMT property tax relief